Acknowledgements and Overview

This website exists to help people with a worrying eye or eyelid problem. You will find information leaflets, an image gallery, and a medical dictionary on the site, and there are also links to various charities, professional bodies and self-help groups. I am grateful to friends and colleagues at Moorfields Eye Hospital for their various contributions, and the foreign language information would not have been developed without the assistance of Dr Ernesto Basauri, Dr Santiago Ortiz Perez, and Dr Javier Gelabert (Spanish pages), and Dr Mohamad Abdullah and Dr Mostafa Elgohary (Arabic pages).

If your concern is not addressed on the following pages, we can direct you to other experienced doctors both in the UK and abroad.

On the site you will also find some interesting artwork. The peacock feather graphics, with its distinctive ‘eye’, is central to the Moorfields logo, and these images have been contributed by a talented patient, Mr Stephenson, to whom I am grateful.

This website is maintained by Medisites, who provide a consistently expert service.

Please contact the Practice if you see anything on this site which you think could be improved.

We hope you find this information website both informative and interesting.

The D H Verity Eye Practice