Watering & Sticky Eyes

Watering & Sticky Eyes

This patient’s watery left eye is due to blockage of the tear duct
(note the spontaneous drainage of dye from the right eye, but not from the left)

Watery eyes have numerous different causes, as shown below. Blepharitis and eyelid laxity are two of the more common reasons for a watery eye, but frequently a variety of different contributing factors coexist, and a careful history and examination is necessary before treatment can be started.

A sticky eye can be due to allergy, conjunctivitis, an ill-fitting artificial eye,  or blockage of the tear out-flow channels, in addition to repetitive irritation of the ocular surface due to wiping the eye.

Areas of expertise

  1. Increased reflex tear secretion (such as blepharitis, or eyelid abnormality such as entropion) [DOWNLOAD LEAFLET]
  2. Punctal stenosis
  3. Canalicular disease – trauma and infection
  4. Specialised lacrimal imaging
  5. Nasolacrimal duct blockage [DOWNLOAD LEAFLET]
  6. Complex lacrimal surgery
  7. Endonasal revision of prior lacrimal surgery
  8. Lacrimal bypass tubes (Lester Jones tube) [DOWNLOAD LEAFLET]
  9. Trauma to the lacrimal structures