A : General

  1. Tablets to stop before surgery [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  2. Information about anaesthesia, sedation, and general anaesthesia [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  3. Healing after surgery[ENG] [ESP]

B: Eyelid

  1. Blepharitis [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  2. Eyelid Cyst [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  3. Trichiasis [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  4. Ectropion [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  5. Entropion [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  6. Ptosis [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  7. Upper eyelid lowering in TED [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  8. Tumours [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]

C: Lacrimal

  1. Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) and tubes [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  2. Complex lacrimal disease [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  3. Lacrimal bypass tube [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]

D: Orbital Disorders and Thyroid Eye Disease

  1. Proptosis [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  2. Thyroid eye disease Q & As [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  3. Thyroid eye disease (TED): 2020 update on management [ENG]
  4. Orbital decompression [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]

E: Socket

  1. Removal of an eye, artificial eyes, and socket care [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]
  2. Exenteration Surgery [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]

F: Tumours

  1. Eyelid, lacrimal and orbital [ENG] [ESP] [ARABIC]

G: Misc

  1. Insurance companies, operation fees and terminology [ENG]
  2. Fee structure: Overview and cancellation fees [PAGE][ENG-pdf]